Friday, 24 June 2011

Report Day

This afternoon, i took my report book. Well, actually I should attend at 08.00 but, i came there at about 09.15 -_-v
--arrived at school-- I was looking for my friends. Where-are-they!!?? I went upstairs, then at the 4th floor, I realized that nobody's there. Hell-no!

Finally, I saw Deti and asked her "Where's the other?" she said "They're in 8B's classroom." --silent for a moment-- Shit! Damn it! It's in the first floor! Okay, be calm icha, be calm.

Then, I went to that class and some of them (8G's students) have got their report book. Then Ayumi said "Cha, where have you been? Your name has been called." Yeah, for the second time 'SHIT' again. And now I should wait.

FINALLY, It's my turn. My teacher gave me the report and everybody in my class compared it with their report.

It's an obvious result! Zaky got the highest score, then Megah and Agat. They're smart. How about me? You don't have to ask me, I'm stupid! Well, i'm not so stupid, but if you compare me with them, I'm obviously stupid -_- Oh yeah, one thing, Rakhma didn't attended, so she may got the highest score.

At first, I was't so confident about the result, but yeah, I did my best!
The result was good enough actually, the scores are increasing (Thank GOD!)

Huwaah, okay, that's all I can tell you. Actually there's a lot of things that I want to tell, but I'm too lazy to write it. Hehe -.-v

Buh-bye 8th grader, I'm 9th grader now! BOO-YEAH!

SMAN 3 Bogor, I'm coming~

Have a nice holiday everyone! 

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